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The main genuine “rule” for a round of 8 ball is that the 8 ball be put in the rack. A round of 8 ball or revolution takes a three-sided, or three-sided formed, rack. This methodology is for the shade of standard billiard (pool) balls and is additionally utilized for any round of billiards aside from 9 ball.

There is an extremely straightforward method for recollecting how to rack the balls for a round of 8 ball. A many individuals will advise you to substitute strong and stripe, strong and stripe. Coming up next is the legitimate technique to rack the ball for a round of 8 ball.

1. Begin by setting the strong yellow 1 ball in the front V of the 8-ball rack with the 8-ball rack put so the front V is over the pool table “dab” toward the finish of the billiard (pool) table where you rack the balls.

2. Put the striped yellow 9 ball on the abandoned side the strong yellow 1 ball. This keeps up with the strong stripe grouping and the balls are variety coded. On the off chance that you substitute the strong and stripe of each tone, it’s not difficult to recall. Simply utilize the strong variety first.

3. Utilizing numeric request, place the strong blue 2 ball behind the striped yellow 9 ball, keeping up with the strong strip design.

4. Place the striped blue 10 ball แทงบอลออนไลน์ behind the strong blue 2 ball, keeping up with the variety design.

5. Then, place the strong red 3 ball behind the striped blue 10 ball, which will fill the left half of the rack.

6. Place the striped red 11 ball to one side of the strong red 3 ball, going across the rear of the 8-ball rack.

7. Place the strong purple 4 ball to one side of the striped red 11 ball.

8. Place the striped purple 12 ball to one side of the strong purple 4 ball.

9. Place the strong orange 5 ball in the right corner to one side of the striped purple 12 ball.

10. Place the striped orange 13 ball in front along the right bar of the 8-ball rack before the strong orange 5 ball.

11. Place the strong green 6 ball before the striped orange 13 ball.

12. Place the striped green 14 ball before the strong green 6 ball. This will fill the exterior of the 8-ball rack.

13. Place the strong dark 8 ball in the forward opening of the rack.

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